Wednesday, April 7, 2010

In case you were wondering. . .

I'm pregnant!!!!  Yes, I know many of you family and friends have been asking the question "Are they every going to have another baby?"  I didn't realize this was a question that weighed so heavily on many minds.  It makes me giggle, it does :) 

So, now that you know why I've been laying low for awhile, well, I really didn't have anything blogworthy up until now.  I'll give you details.  I've suspected since 4 weeks, known since 6, and felt horrible from week 6-9 (all day nausea, falling asleep at 7pm).  At 9 weeks I was able to go see my new OB, who is a doll.  Since we don't live near a military base I get to go civilian with hospital, practitioner,etc.  So far I am loving the experience.  At this 9 week appt I had the first ultrasound and got some decent pics of the little bean that has been making me tired and feeling overall blah.  Now this was a very anxiety provoking appt.  You see, in January 2009 I had a miscarriage at 9 weeks.  Same time frame.  Please don't feel bad if you didn't know, only a few close friends and my mom knew.  Anywho, once I saw little bean and a fluttering heart, a great weight was lifted from me.  I so wanted to tell the world, but knew is was better to wait until I got to 12 weeks.  Since around week 10, I have my energy back and feel almost normal again, except for the fact that my pants aren't quite as comfy as the used to be.  #2 definately shows itself sooner than #1.

Today I went to my 2nd appt at 13w3days and got to hear the heartbeat on doppler.  You don't know how good it was to hear that fast beating heart beat!  It was in the 150's range.  Hmmmmm. . . Jacob was pretty consistently 140's.  I have made most of my calls to family and Facebook.  My how things have changed in 5 years.  Facebook?  Who heard of this in 2005?  The family, is of course, over the moon.

Now, you maybe wondering, how is little Jacob dealing with all this?  Well, for several months he's been asking for a little brother or sister.  He would really like a sister, or so he says this week.  I told him today he is getting his wish and his little brother or sister will be here in time for his birthday.  He asked me the important questions:  "How did the baby get inside you?"  Umm, lets not worry about that one right now.  God put it there.  "Is your belly slimy and wet?" and "Will the baby come out slimy and wet?"  Well, yes and don't worry the nurses will clean him or her off.  Last question: " Is that where the pool is?" as he points to the community pool.   Love the preschool mind.

I'm sure you are also wondering when is the BIG DAY?  October 10, 2010.  10-10-10.  Isn't that an awesome day to be born?! 

Here is a parting picture for you to admire.  Cute isn't it?

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Sheena said...

AWWW!!!!! so excited for you!!! =D Congrats! I'll keep you, your pregnancy, and your family in my prayers!