Sunday, June 27, 2010

Tales of a Terrible Blogger

Geez! I haven't posted anything since April.  Sad, sad, sad. . . sorry folks.  It's not that there hasn't been anything exciting going on I just cannot find the time.  Let's see between playing mommy, wife, growing a baby, working part-time, keeping up a house, finally having some Stampin' Up! classes again, playdates, real dates, and whatever else it is that I do, posting on here seems to be an afterthought.  I will not promise to do a better job because frankly, I know it will not happen.  Just like promising to keep up with the chores, it will not happen.  So that's the scoop.

Anyway, I'll give a quick update of life at the moment.  It's stinkin' HOT!  Seriously, 90's + humid=triple digits on most days.  It feels like August.  This would be all fine and well, but at almost 6 months pregnant, I'm not embracing the weather.   Speaking of pregnancy, I hit 25 weeks today!  #2 is getting quite good and kicking/punching/tumbling or whatever it is he does in there.  Definately a boy if you didn't hear over on Facebook.  No names yet.  We have a list of about 5 but we have time.  I'm thinking we might decide after the delivery at this point.  We bought the paint for the nursery this weekend with plans to paint in the near future.  In April I finally took the plunge and started my Stampin' Up! classes again.  It is so much fun to craft and teach others what I like to do.  I will update the craft blog with all of our fun projects.  Plus, I've had many requests to do this.

Jacob finished Young K-4 in May and has been going to daycare part-time this summer when I work.  He enjoys it and it beats sitting around the house being bored.  You can only go to the science center, library, pool, park so much before it gets old and expensive.  On days off we play and work on workbooks so he doesn't forget too much of what he learned over the previous year.  All in all he is a good kid, typical boy though :)

Tim finally has a more family friendly work schedule which has really made the past few months a dream!  We actually get to eat dinner as a family on most nights again. I won't post too much about him as he doesn't like that sort of thing.

In May we celebrated a ton of milestones.  May 1st was our 1-Year Anniversary of returning to the States after living in Sicily for 3 years.  We celebrated by a dinner at Olive Garden and taking Jacob to Chattanooga, TN for a "Day Out with Thomas the train"  May 14th Jacob turned 4.5 years old (6 months until I have a 5 year old, yikes!),  I hit the half-way mark in my pregnancy AND found out we are having another boy!,  May 25th we celebrated our 8 year wedding anniversary and May 27th was the one year anniversary of closing on our house.  A lot to take in, but it was all good!

That's life at the Clayton's for now.  It's going to get a whole lot crazier in the fall! 

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Sheena said...

I know blogging is not on your priority list right now. =) But I've always enjoyed your updates! So I chose you for the Stylish Blogger Award. =) Hope things are great for you!