Saturday, July 26, 2008

Birthday Countdown Continues. . .

As promised the countdown continues 1 month from today is the day!!!

It's been a fun week with Jacob as his vocabulary and sentences have blossomed again over the last few weeks. The embarrassing comments in public have begun. I was hoping to avoid this stage, but I see it is inevitable. We were going through the NEX and Commissary the other day and he had his finger (or binger as he calls it) up his nose (great), I looked at him and asked him to please stop like any mother would. And he says "mommy, I picking nose" of couse this was loud enough for passers by to hear. He did it again on line at the commissary. Lovely!

Yesterday he came downstairs with his book bag hanging from his arm and told me he as going shopping. He said "I put things in my person" person? ahhh he was calling his bag a purse. Greaaat. . .of course Tim heard this and was not happy. I thought it was funny and corrected him. He still calls it a "person" Then when Tim went off to work he insisted on going to work with Tim, again with his "person" He cracks me up.

Today was quilt class. I haven't been since May I think. Isn't that horrible? It's coming along nicely and I should be done within the next month. We got the instructions for our next project, Yay! I hope to post some pics tomorrow.


Sunday, July 6, 2008

Happy July 4th!

Happy Belated July 4th Everyone! I hope you all had a great holiday. Things were pretty quite here in Sicily. We had our usual little bbq consisting of just the 3 of us. We were going to see the fireworks on base but decided since Jacob ran around in the heat and missed his nap, that would not be a good idea. So we stayed home and I sewed all day. What did I sew? Well, many months ago I started taking a quiliting class. We are making a log cabin quilt. I finally finished sewing all 24 squares. Thankfully Tim dealt with Jacob all day so I could sit at the sewing machine. I have fallen behind since Tim's schedule has not allowed me to go to the last 2-3 classes. Luckily, all of us are at different stages, but I wanted to be done with this part. I would post a picture for you but my camera is in Switzerland.

This coming weeks plans have changed so many times. Originally my friend, Nicole, was going to visit. We've known each other since 8th grade and were roomies the last 2 years of college. Then I was going to go to Switzerland with Tim. He is up there with the Boy Scouts camping. When that fell through, so Nicole and I were going to try and catch up again (she is in Greece for about 2 weeks), then that fell through again. So, now I am home house/dog sitting for my neighbor. I scheduled Jacob to go to daycare 3 days this week so I don't loose my sanity! If you didn't catch on, the above is why my camera is in Switzerland. Hopefully when Tim gets back I will have some great pictures to share with everyone!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Bedtime at the Clayton's

What is it about toddlers and bedtime? For many months we have had this battle at our house, Jacob doesn't want to sleep in his bed. I thought we were making progress up until Saturday night when Tim went back to work. During Tim's days off, Jacob has gotten accustomed to daddy reading to him and tucking him in. Tonight was no exception to what's been going on. Jacob decided no, he wants to sleep in the "big bed" as he calls it. I don't think he has gotten to bed before 10pm since Saturday. It's rediculous. We started at 7:30 started in his room then he wound up in mine, back to his, down stairs, "mommy I have to go potty," in the bathroom for 3 books (no success), back to his room, then he wants to be rocked, "mommy I go potty?," 3 more books (no success), tucked in again, I call mom, Jacob finds me "mommy I go potty?," I find him sitting next to the potty looking at a book "mommy I sit on ground read book?." , back to his room, 3 attempts to escape, silence. . .ahhh. 9:45pm. Good Grief! My nightly quiet time gets shorter and shorter. Potty training is slowly starting so he knows if he says he has to go I'll cater to him. Gotta love the 21/2 year old mind :)