Monday, September 28, 2009

Swine Flu hits the Clayton Household

Things happen for a reason.  Yesterday, I was notified that my business trip to Denver to take place at the end of next week was canceled.  I couldn't help thinking there was an ultimate reason for all of this.  Could it be recent news events or something else completely different?  I got my answer early this am.

Jacob came into our room at 11pm.  He was roasting.  I removed the sheets and Tim found the thermometer.  102.  Nice.  Gave some Tylenol and would reassess in the morning.  My mind was spinning.  I had checked on him an hour earlier before I went to bed and he didn't seem as hot as he did now.

6am, Jacob is burning up.  Temp 103.7.  Oh, boy!  Mind you these are tympanic temps (ear), so, probably a degree higher.  Tylenol again.

Report cards went out yesterday and today was to be the Honor's Chapel assembly at school.  Jacob was suppossed to receive an award for "Most Improved."  I felt so bad he was going to miss it :(  I called the school to let them know he would be abscent and his teacher called me  back to let me know there were several kids sick with the "Swine Flu"  I called the doctor back, explained the situation and was able to get him seen 2 hours later. 

At the peditrician they did the fun throat culture and nasal swab to run in the lab.  Jacob was not happy with them after they stuck the 6 in long q-tips in those orifaces.  I cannot blame him.  They were never my favorite procedures to do on the little ones when I was working.  About 15 min later his doctor (who is the sweetest thing) came in with papers and confirmed my suspicions.  "Influenza Type A Positive"  AKA, H1N1/Swine Flu.  This flu is actually much milder than the regular flu.  Yes, if you have an underlying condition it can be very severe.  If you are generally healthy you should be fine in a few days.  I chose not to go the Tamiflu route as the side effects seemed worse than what we were trying to fight and there is always the chance of this strain becomeing resistant to it.  I've seen MRSA and the over use of antibiotics it's not pretty so why chance it.

As we left the pediatricians office, Jacob said, "Mommy, I have that Swine flu that is on the news"  Yes, Jacob, Yes you do.

Monday update:  Jacob is doing much better!  I'm glad I chose the course of action I did because by Saturday evening he was fever free.  A low grade temp yesterday evening but not enough to medicate.  He was even getting into mischief so I know he's feeling better.

As soon as the flu shots are available in my area, we will all be getting them!    I'd also like to thank those of you who called over the weekend to check-up on Jacob.  We really appricated it!

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